A well-designed bathroom can be both luxurious and functional. Bathroom paint colors are an important element of your bathroom remodeling project, as they can set the mood of your in-home retreat. Whether you’re working on a complete overhaul of your space, or just looking to freshen it up, bathroom paint colors play an important role. 

How to pick bathroom colors that compliment your broader vision is something the bathroom remodeling experts at Metropolitan Bath & Tile can help with. As you solidify the vision for your bathroom remodel, keep these considerations in mind when choosing your paint colors. You may be a paint color choice away from your spa-like oasis. 

How to Pick Bathroom Colors

Although a time-intensive process, painting a room a new color can bring a breath of fresh air to any space. Because it can be time consuming and costly, it’s important to pick out the right color from the start. Asking yourself these important questions can help you get closer to that perfect hue:

How to pick bathroom colors that add style

  • The Big Picture: What look are we going for in the bathroom as a whole? Is it important to you that the bathroom ties in to the color scheme of the rest of the home? How to pick bathroom colors starts by understanding that the color is just one of many elements. 
  • Bathroom Size: This is an important consideration if you’ve got your eye on a bold, intense color. In a small half bathroom, bright pops of color may add extra spunk to the space. In a grand master bathroom, colors that are too bold may feel very overwhelming. 
  • Lighting: What is the balance of natural light and artificial light in this space? If your half bathroom is situated under your stairs, natural light may not be a consideration at all. But your master bathroom upstairs may get brilliant morning light. Focus on how the light changes in your bathroom as the day progresses. 
  • Flooring & Tile: If you’re not starting with an entirely blank canvas, you’ll need to consider the color of your existing flooring and tile. Colors that compliment one another provide much more zen than colors that are too abrupt and mismatched. If your project entails starting from scratch with flooring and tile, keep these elements in mind as you look at paint colors! Neutral flooring and tile can provide a wealth of options in paint colors. But if your heart is set on a spunky floor or tile for your space, your wall color may not be the star of the show. 

How to pick bathroom colors and paint types that add function

  • Walls vs. Ceilings: Your bathroom ceiling is more prone to moisture and mildew than the walls. As steam rises from a master bathroom, this is an important consideration. 
  • Paint Finish for Bathrooms: Whether or not the paint is shiny may seem like an aesthetic consideration, but it also has a lot to do with how durable the walls will be. This is true of all bathrooms, even half baths without the extra steam of a shower or tub. Choosing the right finish also means cleaning the walls is easier, as your paint can withstand washing and scrubbing. 

Should a Bathroom Be Painted Light or Dark?

Great question! As with almost all parts of your bathroom remodeling project, it depends on your style and goals for the space. Part of the bathroom remodeling process is to envision your completed space—how does it make you feel, how do all of the elements work together? It’s your oasis and your vision. 

Should a bathroom be painted light or dark? This depends a lot on the questions above. How much natural light does the room get during the day? A light-colored paint can add some extra brightness to a room that doesn’t get much natural light or relies on artificial light. 

Using darker paint in a bathroom is often best when there’s ample natural light and white accents to balance it out. If your space is very small and doesn’t get a lot of natural light, a dark color could make the space feel very cramped. 

Should a bathroom be painted light or dark doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision. If your space is large enough, a darker colored accent wall could allow you to incorporate a fun pop of color while not overwhelming your space. Explore the Metropolitan Bath & Tile design gallery to find inspiration! 

What are the Most Popular Paint Colors for a Bathroom?

The most popular paint color is the one that matches your vision and helps make your bathroom the relaxing oasis you’ve always wanted it to be. But if you’re having trouble envisioning that, there are some popular jumping off points to consider:

  • White: If you have a dark bathroom that relies only on artificial light, or your vanity, tile or floor are darker colors, white walls can do the trick. If you’re more interested in adding color through your accents, or texture through your tile or flooring, white may be best. Fortunately, there is a plethora of white paints to choose from. Your bathroom remodeling expert can help you choose one that fits with your vision! 
  • Gray: Another popular color that has a lot of variation. You can find cool grays that bring out more bright colors and blue-ish tones, or a warmer gray that brings out a more beige hue.
  • Blue: Did powder blue get its name from being a popular powder room color? Possible. Shades of blue are popular for bathrooms as they elicit a soothing, peaceful feeling. Explore powder blue, slate blue, or even navy if you opted for a darker color. 
  • Sage: Perhaps the perfect combination of blue, gray and green. This muted color can give off an earthy vibe that’s calming and not too overwhelming. 

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Bathroom paint colors are an important element of your bathroom redesign project. From a blank canvas down to paint colors and fixtures, Metropolitan Bath & Tile is a trusted resource. We guarantee that our prices will be equal or less compared to other qualified contractors because of our lack of markups. Lean on our expertise and quality reputation for your bathroom remodel project. 

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