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    Metropolitan Bath & Tile can create beautiful handicap bathroom remodeling solutions that provide extra safety features for the disabled and for customers to age in place. We are dedicated to listening and tailoring your bathroom remodel to your specific needs.

    What is “aging in place”?

    Aging in place is the concept of staying in your home throughout your senior years. This is a trend amongst senior citizens and is a perfect alternative to moving to a small one-story home or assisted living community.

    Do I need to be injured or elderly to do a handicap accessible bathroom remodel?

    You don’t have to be injured or elderly to appreciate smart bathroom design. Aging in place bathroom modifications are perfect for any homeowner who is planting roots in their current home. Perhaps you frequently host senior guests, in this case, an In-Law Suite bathroom is great for keeping your senior company safer while they’re staying with you. 

    How can I complete a handicap accessible bathroom remodel?

    There are many ways to make your bathroom more age and handicap friendly. Adjustments like rubber backed rugs, shower floor mats, and self-installed grab bars are quick fixes but are not the safest and will need to be replaced frequently. When considering these safety implications MetroBath recommends a handicap bathroom remodel.

    What problems can a handicap accessible bathroom remodel solve?

    Accessible bathroom remodels will save you time and in the long run, money. They solve a number of complications presented by limited mobility and age constraints.

    Wheelchair and walker users face unique challenges in the bathroom. Hanging sinks from the wall creates the space needed for a wheelchair user to comfortably use the sink. Wide pathways, doorways, and shower openings reduce difficulty with moving throughout the bathroom. Another challenge is traditionally high and deep bathroom cabinets that make things hard to reach, to solve this issue, we recommend low open shelving for storing bathroom supplies. 

    In the U.S.A., at age 60+ slip and fall accidents increase in the U.S. To combat this statistic MetroBath recommends accessible living modifications during most bathroom remodeling consultations. Walk-in Tubs are a safe alternative to the traditional tub and reduce the chance of falls. Other accessible bathroom remodeling suggestions include grab bars for extra support to assist with standing up and balance, slip-resistant flooring, and barrier-free showers with no sill or obstruction.

    The materials and finishes used for an ADA compatible bathroom make all the difference. Easy maintenance surfaces can make a huge difference in the time and effort it takes to clean a bathroom; this is important for hard to clean bathroom appliances like a tub. Additional aging in place modifications include easy on/off sinks, raised toilets, and shower benches.

    Does Metro Bath Have Certified Aging in Place Specialists?

    Metrobath has A Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) who has been trained in the unique needs of the older adult population, aging in place home modifications, common remodeling projects, and solutions to common barriers.

    The Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation was developed by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Remodelers™ Council, in collaboration with the AARP, NAHB Research Center and NAHB Seniors Housing Council.

    MetroBath designers will answer your concerns by creating a unique, senior friendly bathroom design for you that is beautiful as well as sensible. Our helpful team will listen to your needs, analyze your space and budget and present a variety of options for your bathroom remodeling that doesn’t look dull or utilitarian. 

    Interested in getting started on your handicap bathroom remodel? Come by our Metropolitan Bath and Tile bathroom showrooms in Maryland or Virginia and see the many choices you have in creating a stylish yet accessible bathroom space you’ll love.  Contact us today!