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    Bathroom design is more than just creating a beautiful space. A remodeled bathroom should be both beautiful and functional. Thoughtful planning and an experienced bathroom interior design team will ensure your bathroom remodel is built to last for decades.

    Only the best bathroom design contractors will have the vision to think about your needs today and years down the road. At Metropolitan Bath and Tile, we believe bathroom interior design can be eye-catching and practical.

    We invest in our customers before we ask them to make an investment in modern spin on traditional master bathtubus. At MetroBath, our team of bathroom interior designers learn about each customer’s unique situation, discuss their options, and walk them through the showroom before they ever pay a single penny. At the end of the day, what matters to you, matters to us and we’re confident that you’ll appreciate the MetroBath difference. 

    Work With Bathroom Design Contractors to Customize Your Bathroom

    Planning Phase

    At MetroBath, the remodeling process starts with an estimator visiting your home. In this first phase, estimators are looking at more than just the customer’s bathroom. The estimator evaluates the bathroom but also assesses the rest of the home. The customer’s living situation, lifestyle, and future plans are all taken into account when designing a bathroom.

    Every question asked by the estimator is uniquely tailored to the individual, so no two walkthroughs are the same.  For us, it’s important to look beyond just the present needs or the cosmetic wants. That mindset ensures that our work is functional long after we finish the remodeling project. We notice the small details — from young children to knee problems, we recognize that these factors influence the bathroom design

    Design Phase

    After the estimator determines the scope of work for the new bathroom based on discussions with the customer, the design phase begins in one of our showrooms. Our highly specialized design team steps in and works one-on-one with the customer to realize every aspect of their vision.

    MetroBath owns four showrooms throughout Maryland and Virginia, so customers can view real bathroom spaces and pick samples all in one place. The showrooms are designed for customers so they can see, touch, and interact with examples of bathroom designs instead of having to imagine it on a two-dimensional drawing.

    Our wide variety of brands will ensure that you never feel limited in your choices when visiting our showroom. We only carry top-of-the-line products that we know are tried and true. We’ve been in this business for over 40 years, so we know which products work and which don’t. With our vast bathroom interior design knowledge, we feel confident offering a 10-year warranty because we stand firmly behind every product we install.

    Enjoy the Work of the Best Bathroom Design Contractors in DC, MD and

    At MetroBath, we want to do the job as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize disruption in your home. To live up to this guarantee, we map out every detail of the job before it begins. 

    • Customized. No two homes are the same, which means each new bathroom remodel will have unique plumbing and design considerations. For example, we’ll create and order a cabinet specially designed to fit into our customer’s space if needed. The level of customization offered at MetroBath ensures our customers’ bathroom remodeling projects don’t turn into whole-home plumbing reconfigurations.
    • Schedule accommodation. What makes MetroBath’s design offerings so distinct from the competition is our team’s flexibility throughout the entire bathroom interior design process. At MetroBath, we call our in-house team of local bathroom contractors expert mechanics. Our dedicated mechanics work around-the-clock to accommodate the design needs of our customers. We are more than willing to work on a schedule that matches yours. The design team always makes themselves available early in the morning and late at night to ensure homeowners never feel like their decisions are rushed. We want our customers to leave confident in the choices they make for their new space.
    • Dedicated. Once we start a project, we man the job every day until it’s complete. We stick to the timeline we promise when starting the project. MetroBath’s in-house team of knowledgeable bathroom contractors displays the highest degree of professionalism throughout the process. We start building your bathroom on time and work as efficiently as possible to minimize inconvenience.
    • Transparency. The reviews on our website say it all. Every aspect of the bathroom remodel is clear and documented by our team. Every day the MetroBath crew that is on-site updates the homeowners on how the project is going. We want to ensure our customers feel confident that they are in experienced, professional, and trustworthy hands.

    The MetroBath Difference

    Our designers are innately familiar with plumbing, electrical services, tiling, carpentry, and aging-in-place fixtures. At MetroBath, we never use subcontractors to handle our customers’ bathroom remodeling projects. When you choose us, know that our in-house team of local bathroom contractors is familiar with every aspect of the job.

    All we do is bathroom interior design, so we’ve seen it all. No other company offers the same commitment to craftsmanship and customer service as MetroBath. Our pledge to our customers lasts long after we finish the remodel. Our decade-long warranty ensures that our customers are completely satisfied years down the road.

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    Trust Your Bathroom Design to MetroBath

    No other bathroom design contractors are as experienced or trusted as the designers and mechanics at MetroBath.Since 1979, we’ve prided ourselves on specializing exclusively in bathroom remodels and bathroom interior design.

    The hardworking designers at MetroBath want to make your dream bathroom a reality. Our team would love to answer any questions you might have about our process, financing, or products.

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