The 2022 trend forecasts have spoken. Experts say it’s all about feeling calm, serene, and beautiful. Natural hues and bright pops of color are all over interior color schemes.

You want your bathroom to feel like an oasis that can melt away your troubles and stress. The current bathroom color trends reflect this notion perfectly. Create a calm and stylish retreat that you’ll never want to leave.

Allow these summer bathroom colors to inspire your upcoming renovation. Here are the shades and hues to create a bathroom that looks like a professional designer had their hands on it.

Sunny Yellow

If there’s one color that screams summer, it’s a bright sunny yellow. This happy shade is ideal for someone who wants to bring eternal sunshine into their home. Currently, warm, saturated hues of yellow are on-trend.

You can use it both as an accent color or the primary color in your design. Consider yellow subway tiles in the shower or yellow penny tiles on the floors. Pair yellow with a crisp white or a warm grey for a calming, modern look.

Beachy Teal

Mimic the shades of the ocean with a beachy shade of teal. You’ll feel like the waves of the Caribbean are crashing right at your feet every time you step outside the shower or bath. Teal is a great color for anyone looking for a calming but bold shade.

Choose glossy teal tiles for your shower or as a feature wall in the bathroom. Teal pairs well with gold, so opt for hardware like faucets, showerheads, and knobs in a gold or brass finish.

Sage Green

One color on the rise throughout home designs is sage greens. We’re seeing more people incorporate this soft, natural shade in bigger and bolder ways. Your bathroom is a great place to experiment with a new color scheme, so this is your sign if you’ve wanted to try sage.

Sage is a great wall color; it’s bold but not overwhelming. Paint your walls or add sage green tiles. You also might like it as a vanity color; try painting any cabinets this soft shade. Sage complements natural hues, so pair it with natural wood, tans, and browns.

Soft Blue

Many designers will argue that blue is basically a neutral, so it’s not surprising that soft blue is a trending color for a summer palette. But you can make blue look contemporary and classy too.

You’ll want a blue that’s airy and reminds you of a cloudless sky. Make this color more interesting by choosing tiles in a unique shape. Hexagons, scallops, and geometric prints create visual interest. Or lay classic subway tile in a herringbone pattern for movement and texture.

Warm Off-White

An all-white bathroom has never left the list of the top trends. It’s chic, modern, and clean. But some people can find it sterile and off-putting; not so great for relaxing.

If you love the clean look of white but want something more welcoming, consider a warm off-white color scheme. Pair it with pops of natural wood to make the space feel more like a home rather than a lab.

Earth Tones

Allow nature to flow into your bathroom when you incorporate earth tones into your color scheme. Tans, browns, and greys offer an option for those who want a more subtle design.

Incorporate natural materials like stone floors and tiles to make the space feel modern. Add nature-inspired bathroom decor like plants to add a little color without ruining the color scheme.

Lush Lilac

You’ve probably been seeing this lush lilac everywhere. It’s one of the hottest colors since Pantone named their Color of the Year for 2022. The shade is supposed to spark creativity, so take this as permission to get creative in your bathroom.

Lilac tiles are the best place to start; they look great around the tub or on the floor. Pair this shade with white marble with grey graining. This will create a luxurious and customized look.

Forest Green

Another shade of green the design world has been loving is this deep, rich forest green. The color feels modern and luxe and will instantly transform your bathroom.

Complement the shade with pops of gold to drive home the luxe look. Deep forest green also looks great when paired with a crisp white and a glossy black.

Burnt Orange

Orange may feel like a hard color to decorate with. Because it’s so bold, many homeowners often shy away from the shade. But if you’re a fan of big, bold colors, then you have to add some orange to your bathroom.

Deep shades of orange like burnt orange, ochre, and pumpkin have been trending for a while. Mosaic bathroom tiles can create a statement wall, and geometric orange tiles can make interesting flooring. You’ll probably want to avoid black and instead pair orange with white, blue, or yellow.

Blush Pink

Many people have been rediscovering their love of pink. It’s a fun shade that’s playful and youthful but can still be made to look very chic. Accomplish this by choosing a soft, blush shade of pink.

Pink is stunning anywhere in the bathroom, so don’t be afraid to incorporate pink tiles, paint, or cabinets. Pink looks great with gold accents, white marble, and natural woods.

Summer Bathroom Colors for a Serene and Beautiful Space

If you’ve flipped through the glossy pages of a design magazine, you may have asked yourself why your bathroom can’t look like the ones featured. You don’t need an interior designer; you only need to know how to implement their expert advice.

Using a designer-inspired color scheme can help you create a space that looks custom and professional. These trending summer bathroom colors are a great base to build the bathroom oasis of your dreams.