Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Maximize Storage and Space

Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a large, luxury bathroom remodeled by Metropolitan Bath and Tile, space is usually at a premium in a standard bathroom – especially in an older home when a tub/shower, vanity and toilet, bar of soap and towels were the only things you’d find in a bathroom of the past. […]

Conserve Water in Your New Bathroom

Water conservation will become more of a focus for local residents in upcoming years. If you’d like to save water a good idea is to make sure your bathroom remodeling includes some of the new WaterSense products. The good news at Metropolitan Bath and Tile is you don’t have to sacrifice – water saving products […]

Bathroom Lavatory Sinks-Installation Types.

Bathroom sinks can set the tone in any bathroom remodeling. What you choose will probably depend on how much you need to store in your bathroom. They can receive hard use in the main bath or just sit and shine in a power room but are functional pieces just the same. Bathroom sinks are also […]

Vessel Sinks: Designer’s Choice for the Bathroom

Are designer vessel sinks here to stay? Their popularity here at MetroBath tells us “yes”. A sink style from ancient times has emerged as one of the most sought after designer bathroom trends of the 21st Century. Whether your bathroom design is traditional or exotic – there’s a vessel sink for you. What is a […]