How To Clean Your Shower Head

Did you know that only 20% of Americans deep clean their home every six months? That number should be higher, especially when you consider how important a clean house is for your hygiene. The bathroom, in particular, is a breeding ground for bacteria and grime. If you’ve felt like it’s time to give your bathroom an extra dose […]

4 Tips For How To Find The Best Shower Head

Did you know that the average shower lasts for about eight minutes? If you shower every day, that adds up to about an hour every week! If you have the best shower head you can find, then that can be an hour of pleasant bliss. On the other hand, if there is something wrong with your […]

Everything You Need to Know About Doorless Showers

Doorless showers, also known as walk-in showers, have several benefits, top among them is adding form and function to your bathroom. As you work through the bathroom remodeling process, consider the pros and cons of a doorless shower. Some homeowners see them as a luxury, while others add one to increase the accessibility of their […]

Converting Hall Bathroom Tub to Shower

Author: Rich McKenzie, Owner of Metropolitan Bath and Tile As time goes on, your family might outgrow some aspects of your home. Take a hall bathroom for example. We have many customers ask “Should I change the tub in my hall bath to a shower only because we never bathe in it, we always shower? […]

Replacing Master Bathtub with Luxury Shower – Expert Opinion

Author: Rich McKenzie, Owner of Metropolitan Bath and Tile Remember when you were upsizing from your starter home or apartment with that small bathroom with only a sink, toilet and shower to your new home with the large master suite and you first saw that beautiful big bathtub and you imagined those relaxing romantic baths […]

Escape To A Functional Luxury Bathroom

If you feel you need a peaceful sanctuary to slow down in, Metropolitan Bath and Tile recommends the luxury bath. Add the fact that with an aging population and most people’s default choice will be to “age in place”, it makes perfect sense that the bathroom is the first place they want to improve – with space, efficiency, and functionality.

Remodeling Your Bathroom With A Tempered Glass Shower Enclosure

When considering the details of your bathroom remodel at Metropolitan Bath and Tile be sure to discuss tempered-glass shower enclosures with your designer. They are an elegantly stylish way of keeping water where it belongs

Optimizing Your Mid-level Bathroom Remodeling Budget

A mid-sized budget for your bathroom remodeling gives you the opportunity to indulge a little and still get maxi-size rewards in design and functionality. The money you spend now can increase the value of your home in the years to come. Prioritize your wish list
. If you have spending decisions to make then list the things […]

Sleek New Fixture Options for Your Bathroom Remodeling

Add meaningful innovation, useful features, and lasting value to your MetroBath remodeling design with fixtures from Moen®, the #1 faucet brand in North America. Whether you do a full or partial bathroom update in the Washington or Baltimore Metro areas – fresh fixtures make a sparkling difference.  Metropolitan Bath and Tile customers have been requesting Moen® […]

Bathroom Cleaning Tips For Your Newly Remodeled Bathroom

After Metropolitan Bath and Tile remodels your home’s old bathroom and it looks perfect and stunning, there will come a time after when you will actually have to clean it! To keep it looking like the day we finished here are a few bathroom cleaning tips to undo all the daily use you will be giving your gorgeous bathroom and to keep it looking like new…