Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and so do people’s schedules & grooming needs. If your master bathroom or family bathroom is large enough consider Metropolitan Bath & Tile creating a design that’s comfortable for two people to use at once. You won’t have to wait for your “turn” again.


Enough storage is paramount. If it’s a husband and wife or 2 teens sharing the same bathroom you should have enough room to keep your toiletries and electronics out of sight without a big tangle – literally.

There will be separate towels also so a linen tower is a smart addition so fresh towels can be at hand for twice the bathers.


Lighting (always) should be set up so it is even and bright no matter where you’re standing in front of the mirror to facilitate grooming. With two people sharing the bathroom this is even more important. Separate mirrors over the sinks are always a nice touch and can also make getting ready together less distracting and gives a clearer line of space division.


A double-sink vanity is a practical feature for large (or growing) families, or for a working couple whose morning routine would be vastly improved without the daily flip-flop at a single sink.

There should be a maximum run of 30 inches between the centers of the two basins. This will allow you to tie the two sinks together with a single waste line. However, separate traps and drains are usually required if the vanity contains a stack of full-length drawers between the basins, because the pipes are blocked by the drawer boxes. For a trendier look try basins with wall mounted faucets.


The toilet may be sequestered so as to provide more privacy. A half wall or glass block wall can help without making the space feel cramped or confined.


With so many options in showers available today- if space is available- you can opt to have a large shower installed with many shower heads so two can shower at once. Add a bench to the tile and have a relaxing conversation in the steam.

Metropolitan Bath & Tile designers have the answers to your 2-plus bathroom waiting line. Let them suggest ways for your remodeling to not just be elegant but highly functional and comfortable for multi-users.