We’re here to help you see the light — as an important part of your bathroom remodeling project. The right lighting can make a world of difference in any room in your home. This is especially true of the bathroom, whether we’re talking about a large master bath with multiple windows, or a half-bath tucked underneath your stairs that relies solely on artificial light. Explore these bathroom lighting ideas and consider the possibilities. 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

We’ll start with the basics and the various types of lighting you commonly see in bathrooms. Some bathrooms have a combination of these types, and some rely on just one. Keep in mind that within these types of lighting, there are often multiple creative variations. 

Recessed Lighting: This type of lighting is very common and incredibly functional in spaces of all shapes and sizes. Recessed lighting can be installed throughout the bathroom, even over shower stalls or tub areas. If you’re considering decorative sconces that don’t add much light (but look beautiful), consider recessed lighting over top of the mirror to add that extra function. 

An important note to keep in mind: the ambience of a bathroom is very important, so consider installing a dimmer for your recessed lighting. 

Downlights: These are the traditional single overhead lights commonly seen in bathrooms. They diffuse light and effectively light a small space. They can often cast shadows, so they aren’t the best solo light source in comparison to task lighting. 

Chandeliers: An upgrade to the traditional single overhead light that’s commonly seen in bathrooms. This bathroom lighting idea is an upgrade to a traditional look. A chandelier could be a complement to other lighting that exists in your space. Chandeliers can be installed over a tub, or in the center of the room to show off its grandeur. A large, detailed chandelier may cause a small bathroom to feel cramped as it requires a high ceiling. 

A chandelier in your bathroom can round out your aesthetic and serve as a statement piece. Are you looking for ornate details like elegant chandeliers of old? Or are you looking for a more modern take with sleek lines and an asymmetrical appearance? 

Task Lighting:  This category of lighting has a range of options. Task lighting refers to the lighting around (or above) the mirror area, where you spend time shaving, applying makeup or brushing teeth. 

A bathroom light bar that sits above your mirror could be a single bulb, or a series of bulbs in a row. Bathroom light bars offer multiple beams of light from a single fixture. This provides a widespread amount of light. 

A lighted vanity mirror or medicine cabinet is gaining in popularity. Mirrors with LED lighting and even defoggers are gaining in popularity, elevating your style and adding function. 

Sconces on either side of the mirror are also in the category of task lighting. Sconces that flank a mirror range widely in design and aesthetic, but can vary widely in their ability to light a large space. Keep in mind that you may need to supplement with recessed lighting. 

Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms

Light bulbs vary widely in the type of light they produce. Take into consideration the natural light your space has and the color of the walls and fixtures when making a decision. LED light bulbs are the most popular due to increased energy efficiency and a longer bulb life. 

Brightness: Daylight bulbs provide a clear, bright light that doesn’t come across yellow or dull. Look for 3500K-5000K to achieve that energizing atmosphere. If you’re looking for a warmer aesthetic, you’ll want to look for 2700K-3500K in light bulb descriptions. 

Dimmable: Is this an option you’ll wish you had? To create a relaxing aesthetic, the option to dim your lights may be appealing. 

Exposure: Depending on the fixture you’re looking at, will the light bulb itself be visible? If so, consider the bulbs with the exposed filaments or a porcelain finish. 

Best Lighting for Small Bathrooms

The right design choices can make your small bathroom look bigger, adding an extra relaxing feeling. Downlighting can be an economical, effective option for small bathrooms. Because this light can cause shadows, be mindful of how this bathroom is used. If this is a half bath under the stairs on the main floor, downlighting may be perfectly suitable. If this is a master bathroom where makeup application and shaving can occur, you’ll want to explore other options that cast fewer shadows. If you have the space, consider bathroom light bars or sconces that flank your mirror. 

Best Lighting for Large Bathrooms

There are nearly endless possibilities for large bathrooms. It’s quite possible you have natural light to consider, too. For large bathrooms, a combination of recessed lighting and vanity task lighting can be perfectly suitable as they provide form and function. If a chandelier element is part of your aesthetic, this can absolutely be a focal point in your space. Work with your bathroom remodeling design expert to explore the possibilities. 

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