Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a large, luxury bathroom remodeled by Metropolitan Bath & Tile, space is usually at a premium in a standard bathroom – especially in an older home when a tub/shower, vanity and toilet, bar of soap and towels were the only things you’d find in a bathroom of the past.

Today, we have more things in the bathroom: electronic grooming/drying/straightening/curling gadgets, luxury toiletries, varieties of hair and makeup brushes, tons of cosmetics and  – well, just more stuff in general! Finding space for all these things in your bathroom is important to avoid clutter which ruins the finished product of a new bathroom remodel. Metropolitan Bath & Tile will get you started in the right direction with a well-planned design of a gorgeous place to escape and to be free of distractions. Here’s a few ways to keep your bathroom better organized and appearing more spacious if your bathroom has a standard, small footprint:

How to Maximize Space In A Small Bathroom

Ditch the tub – if you’re a shower person and there’s another tub in the house opt for a glass-enclosed shower only and you can gain some valuable space and the glass creates the illusion of open space.

Extend the countertop over the toilet – if your toilet sits right next to your vanity, extend your countertop material as a narrow ledge over the toilet to maximize the space in your small bathroom. You can also move your sink off center to have even a wider, usable area instead of slivers on either side of the sink.

Open the space with a non-traditional sink and/or vanity.  To maximize your bathroom space, find some attractive floor storage containers or baskets and you can have Metropolitan Bath & Tile designers incorporate a pedestal or console sink which makes the room look larger by not having “the box” under your sink – always perfect for a powder room. You can also wall mount a vanity or sink and then you can tuck those pretty baskets and containers underneath on open shelves.

Wall mounted faucets – not only do they look contemporary and stylish you just gained an easy-to-clean, usuable area around your sink. Have your Metropolitan Bath & Tile designer guide you through our showroom displays for convenient and reliable selections to maximize your bathroom space.

Install vertical cabinetsMetropolitan Bath & Tile can add floor-to-ceiling cabinets as a linen tower if there’s room and you’ll have a tower of storage. Keep infrequently used items at the top. Great for keeping mounds of fresh towels handy.

Tap into the wall space – There’s a treasure trove of unused space in between your wall studs for installing into rather than on top of. Use those spaces as display nooks or add doors to conceal the jumble. Do the same in your shower before you retile to have sleek out-of-the-way niches for soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Metropolitan Bath & Tile experts can determine if you have space they can adapt.

Accessories like floating display shelves, towel bars and rings that match your faucets (or not), small, freestanding cabinets or decorative stands, hooked coat racks,  artistic containers or stackable baskets and bins to help maximize your bathroom space in an attractive way.

Looking to Maximize Space In Your Small Bathroom? Call Metro Bath today!

A little pre-planning from a professional can get you more actual and visual space.  Benefit from Metropolitan Bath & Tile‘s experience (over 30,000 bathrooms installed) – for your unique bathroom space and budget. Visit one of our 4 convenient bathroom showrooms today – in Bowie, Rockville, Towson Maryland or Annandale, Virginia. Metropolitan Bath & Tile will design & remodel a bathroom with gorgeous style just for you and maximize its functionality – it’s up to you to keep it organized after that!