When you are remodeling your bathroom and you are faced with the various options to choose from to achieve a great design, one thing is certain: you must have good lighting. Bathroom lighting can have quite a few different functions – to set a mood, to light a mirror, to create an artful effect. Your Metropolitan Bath & Tile designer can suggest appropriate lighting that can make your bathroom a glowing showcase.

Here are the different types of lighting to consider so your new bathroom can not just be adequately but interestingly illuminated:

Task lighting – this is the most important if you will be grooming in your new bathroom. It is generally located at the vanity but can also be located in the shower in larger bathrooms. Vertical cross lighting at eye level is an excellent way to get even shadow-free lighting. You can browse the wide range of task lighting options Metropolitan Bath & Tile has in their displays to get you started.

General light – add general lighting to ceiling or walls. The larger the bathroom the more general lighting you will need so you won’t have dark areas in the space. You will need about 1 watt of incandescent light per sq. ft. of floor area for ceiling mounted fixtures, twice that for recessed fixtures, and 1/3 to 1/2 that for fluorescent fixtures. Look for the newest daylight, full spectrum bulbs for the most natural light from fluorescent. Many bathroom ceiling lights do double-duty with ventilation fans and heaters to help draw out the moisture from the bathroom and keep you from feeling a chill when drying off.

Decorative lighting – most likely decorative lighting is the focal point in itself but acts as indirect lighting for both task and general lighting. Sconces that direct the light softly towards the ceiling are good for this purpose. Try a small, sparkling chandelier to add luxury.

Natural light – Not just for bringing in the daylight, windows and skylights can add a good source of ventilation. If possible, the minimum should be at least 10% of the bathrooms floor area for a nice open feel. Replace old drafty windows with the new, energy-efficient ones available today that open and close easily.

Wet location lighting – with the new walk-in showers built for two in bathroom design that are so popular you may want to add needed lighting for a relaxing shower that is especially made for wet areas. These lights are designated vapor-proof.

Accent lighting – be creative – used to bring out the interesting lines in the architecture or materials. Imagine lights glowing behind glass block walls, spotlighting a lovely glass vessel bowl, behind a mirror, to emphasize the texture of your tile, or in the toe-kick of vanities that make them look like they’re floating (& can also act as night lighting).

Candlelight – yes, you’ll love to relax in your gorgeous, new bathroom and candles can really bring the pace down and evoke a spa experience when you’re soaking in your tub.

Metropolitan Bath & Tile looks forward to you bringing your ideas to us so we can light the way to a fabulous and satisfying bathroom remodeling experience. Our past customers love their new bathrooms – we’re certain you will, too. Our Maryland and Virginia showrooms are the perfect place to start…