The changing of the seasons is a great time to tackle home projects—big and small. Whether decluttering, design refreshes, or large projects are on your list, we have the inspiration you need to get started! Bathroom trends in 2021 have highlighted the importance of form and function when creating your bathroom oasis. Because homeowners spent more time at home in 2020, self-care and creating spaces that you feel comfortable and rejuvenated in are essential as we move forward.

If the summer months are go-time for your large bathroom remodeling project, or you’re looking for smaller upgrades to refresh your space, we’ve got you covered. Explore summer bathroom decor and bathroom trends in 2021 you can incorporate now.

Summer Bathroom Decor Updates

Shake off the muted colors and cozy textures of winter and greet that summertime feeling. Many homeowners make seasonal decor updates in living rooms, the entryway, even kitchens or dining rooms. Bathrooms are another high-traffic room that could use an update. Here are some considerations for summer bathroom decor.

Summer Hand Towels

A simple swap that can brighten a space! Decorative hand towels are an easy summer bathroom decor update that can put you in a seasonal mood. If scenes of tropical fish or beach balls aren’t quite your aesthetic, use the summer season to incorporate a bright color not typically seen in your bathroom color palette. Consider a bright turquoise, exciting coral or vibrant yellow for your summer hand towels. Use this opportunity to incorporate a unique accent color you’ve been hesitant to try. 

Even if you’re not opting for a totally new aesthetic, hand towels should be regularly swapped out. Because they are in a high-traffic area that’s fairly germ-friendly, it’s recommended to wash them once every two to three days, and replace them every two years. 

Refresh Your Shower Curtain

We know what you’re thinking—the curtain with the tropical fish on it isn’t quite your style. Use your summer bathroom decor refresh as an opportunity to swap your shower curtain! Opt for a lighter weight material with a brighter design or color element. Here’s another opportunity to try an accent color in your bathroom that you’d previously been hesitant about. If it dawns on you that it’s been awhile since your shower curtain liner has been replaced, add that to the list. 

Switch Up Your Scents

Take stock of the bottles and dispensers on your sink and in your shower. If you’re still using scents like vanilla or amber, consider changing it up for summer. Fresh scents like citrus, cotton, coconut, and pineapple can put you in a summertime mood. If you’re a candle, diffuser or essential oils person, consider making those scent swaps, too!

Essential oils have popped up repeatedly as a major bathroom trend in 2021. These can come in the form of diffusers, lotions, body scrubs or candles. The calming nature of these scents can elevate your self-care and make your bathroom a relaxing oasis. 

Artificial Flowers for the Bathroom

If your bathroom isn’t the best environment for real plants, artificial flowers for the bathroom are a great update to your space. Consider tulips, hydrangeas, orchids, lilys, roses or peonies. While there’s virtually no wrong choice, if you’re adding blooms to spruce up your summer bathroom decor, just make sure they’re a lively color! 

Because the bathroom has a tendency to have more germs than other spaces, consider artificial flowers for the bathroom that have a material that’s easy to clean. If you’re able to dust them or wipe them down with some warm water, that’s ideal. 

Switch Up Your Bathroom Prints

Another simple summer bathroom decor update is swapping out the prints or photos in your bathroom. Opt for prints with bright colors, patterns or summer scenes. This can be as simple as replacing what’s in your existing frame. Rotating your bathroom prints seasonally is another great way to incorporate new color into your space without going for a full redesign or painting extravaganza. 

Bathroom Trends 2021 to Tackle This Summer

If the summer months are when you plan to take on a full bathroom remodel or redesign project, keep these bathroom trends for 2021 in mind. 

  • Vanities & Mirrors: Popular trends in this part of your space include floating vanities and back-lit mirrors and medicine cabinets. Vanity options are more unique than ever before with varied textures, materials and designs. Think form meets function with your new vanity selection, as these are increasingly viewed as a furniture piece, not just for utility. 
  • Paint Colors: The most popular paint colors in bathrooms are white, gray, blue, and sage. Consider these color variations and how they may compliment your home’s aesthetic. 
  • Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Homeowners are becoming much more considerate when choosing bathroom lighting. Consider how much natural light your bathroom sees and then work from there to illuminate your space. Consider overhead lighting or fixtures that flank your mirror. There’s no shortage of unique lighting fixtures. 
  • Doorless Shower: If you’ve been on the fence about a doorless shower, now is your time! This 2021 bathroom trend is ideal for larger spaces, but a similar aesthetic can also be achieved with a glass frameless shower door if you have a smaller bathroom.
  • Incorporate Plants: Real plants contribute to overall air quality in your home and can upgrade the aesthetic of your bathroom oasis. Learn more about the best houseplants for bathrooms and pick the one that will work best in your space. 

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