Author: Rich McKenzie, Owner of Metropolitan Bath & Tile

Remember when you were upsizing from your starter home or apartment with that small bathroom with only a sink, toilet and shower to your new home with the large master suite and you first saw that beautiful big bathtub and you imagined those relaxing romantic baths with candles and a glass of wine?

Well, how long did that last?

For the first month or two probably at the most! Then life set in, raising the kids, work, there never seems to be any time to use the tub, but you do use that small shower every day. And it’s small because that big beautiful bathtub that you never use is taking up all the room.

When working with customers to create their dream master bathroom, I hear a lot of comments on their current situation. I do my best to help guide them to a solution that works for them. Here is a recurring issue when discussing a master bathroom remodel: “I’ve got this huge tub that I rarely if ever use, that takes up so much of my master bathroom and I have this shower that I use every day that is just too small for comfort.”

I have observed that the current trend in bathroom design is to either reduce the size of the tub or even eliminate the tub all together in order to have a large spa-like shower. The primary objective has shifted to having a large spacious shower with all the bells and whistles, rain heads, handheld shower, body sprays, shelves, niche’s, a seat or bench, and a clear frameless glass for that open spacious feel.

It’s still great to have a bathtub as long as there is enough room and the tub doesn’t infringe on the size of the shower.


Bathtub Remodel and Home Value

Some customers ask if eliminating the bathtub would be detrimental to resale value. It’s been my experience that if the choice is a tub or small shower or no tub and a great shower, most buyers would choose the great shower. When it comes to home resale value, a newly remodeled bathroom is one of the best home improvements that you can do!

But, don’t wait until your ready to sell your house to remodel your bathroom, plan ahead. Remodel 5 years before you plan to sell, the cost will be less than it would be in 5 years, the bathroom will still look and function like new and you will get to enjoy it for those years and you will still get all the benefits at resale.