You’ve chosen a perfect design layout for your new bathroom remodeling with Metropolitan Bath & Tile. What’s next? Color. Your choice of color is very important for the bathroom – or any room – because it has a psychological effect.  The bathroom is a functional room, though – a personal place to get ready for the world, to bathe, to relax. Choosing the right colors for the fixtures, tile, countertop, floor and walls of your home’s new bathroom can have a distinct effect on the mood of all those who enter.

Traditional color associations:

Cool Colors – relaxation, promotes concentration

  • Blue is calming, relaxing and reminds of of sky and water – like an outdoor pool.

Green in many parts of the country is strongly associated with nature, new growth, trees and shrubs. Greens that are more yellow-based will remind you of the Spring, wheras deeper greens are linked to maturity, such as older plants or trees (it can provide a peaceful, tranquil feel).
Warm Colors  – exciting or dramatic

  • Red can be rich, sophisticated or cozy . Deeper, grayer-toned reds are common associated with a warm, friendly rural feeling (apples, farmhouse). A popular color for a powder room.
  • Yellow is a happy color and calls to mind sunshine -clean, fresh and cheerful.

Whites & Pales – reflects the most light

  • White is generally associated with adjectives such as pure, clean, new and bright. Depending on the warmth or coolness of the white, it can be elegant, peaceful, or modern.

Dark Colors  – absorb light, makes room seem smaller, more intimate

  • Brown is most frequently associated with earth, Mother Nature and warmth. Soft cocoa browns and taupes can be treated as neutrals and complement stronger colors well (like gold or red towels). Deep browns can be rich and elegant.
  • Grey is prevalent in nature also as stone and sky. It lends a traditional, quiet tone to the bath. The deeper charcoal tones can be elegant for a man’s decor.
Tip: Want a trendy color now but you tend to redecorate every few years? Keep your sink, toilet, tub and tile in white or creme – and paint your untiled areas in your favorite hue (for now!).