Bathroom sinks can set the tone in any bathroom remodeling. What you choose will probably depend on how much you need to store in your bathroom. They can receive hard use in the main bath or just sit and shine in a power room but are functional pieces just the same. Bathroom sinks are also known as lavatory sinks or “lav” sinks.

6 Bathroom Sink Installation Types

Here is a breakdown of bathroom sink installation methods to help you find one with your Metropolitan Bath & Tile Designer that’s right for your bathroom remodeling:

Bathroom Sink Installation Type #1: Countertop

Also called “drop-ins” because they are self-rimming and are designed to go on and into a vanity countertop.

Bathroom Sink Installation Type #2: Under-counter

Similar to a drop-in, these sinks are attached completely “under” the countertop where only the inside of the bowl is visible. When paired with a vanity can offer generous storage underneath. Easy to clean because the rim is not on top of the counter. They can be selected to match or contrast with the countertop.

Bathroom Sink Installation Type #3: Vessel sink

Technically a top-mount sink– these high-end lavs expose the entire bowl above the countertop like the washbasins of years gone by. An exceptionally contemporary and stylish look when made from spun glass, but come in a variety of materials.

Bathroom Sink Installation Type #4: Pedestal sink

Freestanding pedestal style sinks can be classic or contemporary depending on their lines. These are decorative lav sinks anchored to the wall, and sit atop matching pedestal bases or console tables that don’t occupy much floor space. They have limited countertop space but can be all that is needed in a powder room that doesn’t require a lot of storage space.Usually come in 32″-36″ heights for standing adults.

Bathroom Sink Installation Type #5: Wall-mounted lavs

Often called wall-hung sinks. Wall-mounting a bathroom sink can be the best choice for accessible needs as they can be hung at different heights. Sinks hung at 30″ can be a better height for children or people in a seated position. 36″ is a better height for a standing adult.

Bathroom Sink Installation Type #6: Solid surface sinks

All-in-one countertop/sinks made from manmade materials like cultured marble, Corian® or Silestone® are durable and are easy care. The seamless properties translate into a sleek appearance and their one-piece construction eliminates leaks.