How Do Our Prices Compare to Competitors in the DC-Baltimore Area?

On average our prices are 10-20% below the average going rate for bathroom remodeling in the Washington DC area and 10-15% under the going rate in the Baltimore area, according to Remodeling Magazine’s “Cost vs. Value Report.”

The Cost vs. Value (C.V.V.) report is to the home remodeling industry what the Kelly Blue Book is to the automotive industry. Th C.V.V. report will tell you what it costs to do most common home improvements in very specific detail in most major cities in the U.S. When comparing a standard 3 fixture bath remodel with the exact same specifications as the C.V.V. report example bathroom, Metropolitan Bath & Tile’s price is 18% less in the Washington DC area and 15% less in the Baltimore area.

Customers ask all the time, with all that Metropolitan Bath & Tile offers including 4 beautiful bathroom showrooms, highly talented staff of estimators and designers, longest guarantee in the industry, how can your prices still be 10-20% below the going rate for bathroom remodeling?

The answer is simple. We only do bathrooms, nothing else. By only doing bathrooms we have become extremely efficient, all work is done by our own employees, we never use subcontractors so there’s no “middle man.” When you use Metropolitan Bath & Tile, you’re going directly to the folks who do the work, not to a general contractor that hires subcontractors and then marks them up. It’s kind of like buying your car directly from the factory and skipping the dealer’s markup.

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