Ready to transform your bathroom with a new decorative style? An updated bathroom can add value to your home and certainly enhance your home’s overall decor. Here, we’ve gathered 19 bathroom design ideas to inspire your next bathroom remodeling project.

Arts and Crafts-Era Bathroom

The Arts and Crafts era was famous for its artisan tiles, hand-crafted furnishings, and high-quality workmanship. You can design this vintage-inspired bathroom by installing decorative tile work on your walls and adding some build-ins like a vanity and armoire.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Create an eco-friendly bathroom with features like bamboo flooring and blinds as well as water-conserving features. Add some natural touches like a driftwood soap dish and reclaimed wood vanity.

Industrial Bathroom

Exposed beams and pipes will help you create a hip, industrial aesthetic for your bathroom space. Use mismatched fixtures and materials to add a dynamic decorative look to the room. Choose a neutral color palette of brown, gray, black, and white.

Glamorous Life Bathroom

Create a luxuriously glamorous bathroom with an over-sized tub and walk-in shower. Opt for bright gold fixtures and hardware. Replace your functional light fixture with an ultra-chic chandelier or pendant lighting. Add designer touches like a vintage Chanel advertisement poster or a ritzy piece of artwork.

Company-Ready Traditional Powder Room

You don’t have to embrace a theme for your new bathroom. A traditional room with updated features in the traditional style will help you create a welcoming ambiance. Rely on high-quality materials like ceramic tile and oil-rubbed bronze fixtures to transform your bathroom into a traditionally inspired powder room.

Ooh La La Powder Room

Add a touch of French charm to your bathroom decor and create a Paris-inspired setting. Choose artwork that is reminiscent of Paris street scenes and landmarks like The Louvre or Versailles. Add some towels with Parisian imagery like the Eiffel Tower. Looking for a color scheme for your French powder room? Opt for black and pink for ooh la la style.

Coastal Charm

Add coastal hues like pale blue, white, and tan to create a coastal look for your bathroom. The coastal theme remains a popular one, so you’ll have no problem finding decorative items to give your space a new look. Opt for driftwood or sand-colored flooring complemented by white walls and built-ins, and a pale blue ceiling and tile accents.

Italian Villa

Bring old-world charm to your bathroom and create a Tuscan or Venetian-inspired setting. Add sunflower-colored paint or tiles to your walls. A marble basin and tubs will add a luxurious element to your design. If marble is too pricey, opt for quartz. Opt for fixtures in antique gold or oil rubbed bronze.


Create a sleek bathroom look with a slate floor, gray walls, and a white tub and toilet. You can create an upscale look by focusing on just a couple colors like these and high-quality materials. This minimalist look is perfect for modern homes.

Safari Style

If you love your animal prints, bring them into the bathroom to create a safari-inspired aesthetic. Find one animal print you love and let it be your color guide. For instance, stick to a black and white color scheme to complement your zebra rug or black and gold to pair with your cheetah curtains and photo prints.

Bohemian Bliss

Create an eclectic look for your bathroom with chic Bohemian touches. Like a patterned-rug tiled floor and a free-standing tub. Install a light blonde vanity and add some shelving for air-purifying plants like aloe vera or eucalyptus.

Woodland Forest Bathroom

You can decorate with forest-inspired features like a hardwood floor and dark green walls for a soothing bathroom setting. Instead of a tub, install a spacious walk-in shower with water-fall fixtures and green-shaded glass doors.

Modern Art Bathroom

Create a bathroom the Guggenheim would be proud of. Order a print of Mondrian’s 1921 Composition in Red, Yellow, and Blue to use as your inspiration piece. Play up the primary colors and geometric shapes to create a modern bathroom space adorned with a sleek rectangular tub and vintage black and white subway tile flooring.

Southwestern Sunset

Bring in desert colors with sunset splashes to create a warm Southwestern-themed bathroom. Opt for red-rock inspired flooring tile complemented by bright white walls. Prints features Southwestern sunset views over canyons or saguaro-filled deserts will help you create your tranquil western space.

Moroccan Spa

Think hanging lanterns, a sunken tub, and walk-in shower with an arched door to create a romantic Moroccan inspired bathroom spa. Perfect for a master bathroom suite, this style blends old-world ambiance with updated features like water-conserving fixtures. Be sure to feature rich colors and lush fabrics as you’d find in a Marrakesh marketplace.

Retro Flair

Showcase your unapologetic love for the 80’s and create an intentionally dated space complete with colorful neon and primary colored geometric shapes. Add octagonal mirrors, marble counter-tops, and a bold square tub to create your retro bathroom space.

Deep in the Jungle Bathroom

From banana tree foliage wallpaper to floor-to-ceiling potted plants, your decorative touches can create a jungle setting that’s perfect for shedding the day’s stress. Consider adding light hardwood flooring or a bamboo floor. Be sure to feature natural materials as accents and stick with a diverse palette of greens.

Mountain Cabin

If you like a rustic setting, a mountain cabin-inspired bathroom will bring a welcoming touch to your home. Panel your bathroom with knotty pine and install a slate floor. Feature red and black buffalo print curtains and reclaimed wood built-ins. Add a few house plants to give it a woodland touch.

Clean and White

White is a great bathroom color owing to its purity and cleanliness. From white marble or quartz counter-tops to an alabaster white tub, you can create an inviting space that includes some welcoming touches like a few prints of white orchids, ultra-soft Egyptian white cotton linens, and airy white curtains. Complement your white palette with gleaming silver fixtures.