If you have a small bathroom with limited space, you can still enjoy the luxury of having a walk-in shower. You don’t need a large space to accommodate a walk-in shower in your bathroom. Here are some creative and inspiring walk-in shower ideas for your small bathroom:

Go With Whites

White interiors are evergreen as they make your tiny space look airy and more spacious. It will also create a relaxing and soothing ambiance suitable for your bathroom. Many people dream of having chic black interiors in their bathrooms, but with black interiors, small bathrooms may look more cramped. So, white is a timeless color ideal for making your small bathroom look roomier and brighter. A frameless glass panel can go well with your whites and protect the rest of your bathroom from the little splashes of your shower.

 Choose A Suitable Shower Pan

While planning your bathroom layout, look for a rectangular shower pan instead of a square shower pan. This way you have the luxury of a walk-in shower without compromising more surface area. Large square type shower pans take up a lot of space so getting a rectangular shower pan would be a rational decision to make maximum out of the limited bathroom surface area. Shower pans can be customized to select details such as drain placement for better maintenance and convenient cleaning.

Plan Your Layout Carefully

One of the most crucial decisions while redesigning or planning your bathroom is to strategically plan the placement of everything in the bathroom. Since you already have limited space, it’s essential to place everything in a way that maximizes the square footage for your walk-in showers. If there is any type of angle in your bathroom, installing corner showers can help you optimally utilize all the little space you have and the toilet and sink can be lined up on the long wall.

Let The Outdoors In

A large window in your bathroom can go well with your walk-in shower design. A window with a secluded view can make your bathroom appear roomier. The constant stream of natural bright light will add a calming vibe to your bathroom and brighten up your interiors. A wall-to-ceiling window or other large windows can make the outdoors look like an extension of your bathroom area. If your window offers views of plants or trees, the greenery can add some color to your white interiors and complement the overall look.

Doorless Walk-in Shower

A walk-in shower with a doorless entry looks more spacious. You can install a fixed glass panel to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom and prevent the other areas from getting wet while you bathe. With this design, you can come and go freely without having to open or close any entry door. We usually recommend clear glass as it matches any interior. The shower head and taps should be mounted on the opposite side of the panel opening to minimize splashing.

Curtained Walk-in Shower

If you want a budget-friendly walk-in shower, curtained showers are the most affordable option. You don’t have to spend money to purchase and install a glass panel or glass door if you are on a limited budget. Use a curtain rod and fix a shower curtain to separate your showering area while saving your money. If you are remodeling your bathroom or constructing a bathroom from its initial stage, having a slightly raised step around the shower area can contain the water in its designated spot.

Stand Apart With Your Tiles

Choose your bathroom tiles in a way that complements your sanitary hardware and overall look. Bold patterns and colors can make a statement in your small bathroom when used sparingly. A shower wall contrast with dark-colored tiles will stand apart if the rest of your walls and interiors are white or light-colored. Experiment with some colored tiles to create a design in the center of the floor or your main wall. Small bathrooms don’t need to have small tiles, you can use large format tiles for a fuss-free finish with less grouting.

Built-in Storage To Save Space

Vanity units and other storage furniture unnecessarily clutter a room and make it appear more congested. Built-in storage shelves can help you save the space and floor area of your small bathroom. A tiled bench or layers of built-in shelves can be enough to store your bathroom supplies without taking up too much space. By planning in time, you can carefully decide the positioning of each shelf for better accessibility and save bathroom space.

Skip The Tub

A small bathroom with a walk-in shower will hardly have space to accommodate a bathtub. If you wish to truly enjoy a walk-in shower, it’s better to skip the tub and avoid a cramped look. The walk-in shower trays require plenty of space and a tub with a walk-in shower won’t be a good idea.  If you feel your bathroom has enough space to accommodate both, you should strategically position the tub and shower to avoid any hindrance in their entry.

Be Creative With Glass Doors

Every walk-in shower looks incomplete without a glass door. Whether you choose a glass panel or a glass door to separate your shower area, both complement the look of a walk-in shower and make it appear more elegant. Sleek interiors styled with a glass door can go a long way in adding a touch of class and style to your small bathroom. If you wish to make your bathroom appear bigger, you can install half glass doors or panels that limit the water splashing and match your interiors.

Using these ideas you can make any small bathroom appear roomier and larger. These ideas can help everyone enjoy the luxury of having a walk-in shower in their bathroom no matter how limited their bathroom floor space is and still make your bathroom appear brighter and larger.