Most work in the construction industry is performed by subcontractors. Therefore most general contractors are just brokers of construction services – but not Metropolitan Bath & Tile.

Metropolitan Bath & Tile never uses subcontractors. Metropolitan Bath & Tile’s estimators alone have been with them 15 or more years. This equates in dependability and getting your bathroom remodeling project done on time and within your budget. Experience ensures your estimate will be thorough and correct – eliminating unforeseen structural problems from surfacing once the job has started.

You could be working with multiple companies to get your bathroom remodeled with the subcontractor model. First, there’s the general remodeling contractor who contracted with you to do your bathroom. But, you would also have to deal with “others”: One company to do the plumbing, perhaps, a separate designer, carpenter, tile layer, electrician, painter…

Here’s some unexpected situations that could evolve if you work with a bathroom remodeling contractor that does use subcontractors:

Subcontractor quits after starting the job. A subcontractor could get a higher paying job and add this to his schedule. This could result in a delay of your job. If the general contractor gets a second subcontractor to finish the job in the event the subcontractor defaulted on the job, the new subcontractor could be slowed further by having to start from scratch learning the requirements of the job – all over again.

Money Issues. There’s an additional contract between the general contractor and the subcontractor besides yours. If the general contractor doesn’t pay the subcontractor as expected or on time it could force the subcontractor to delay your remodeling project. Also, if the subcontractor is responsible for payment of materials to do the job this is a second layer of complicating factors as he may not have enough money to complete the orders in a timely fashion or may be putting the money towards a second job unknown to the general contractor.

Service. When you choose Metropolitan Bath & Tile, they are the ones who have made the connection with you for remodeling your bathroom. If an outside agent is doing the actual work you may not get the same “chemistry” and standards you contracted for as he has his own company and uses his own methodology. The general contractor & all the obligations that the general contractor assumes toward the owner may not be met by a subcontractor.

Communication. When more than one company is involved in a bathroom remodeling communication can break down. Wrong tile comes in, wrong measurements…who’s fault was it? The subcontractor ordered the wrong materials or the contractor didn’t communicate the information in time or it got lost in translation from one company to another.

Quality & Safety. Metropolitan Bath & Tile is fully licensed, insured and bonded. Their longtime employees are like family and they work together like clockwork. A subcontractor could lose a worker for a day and bring in a “replacement” to keep the job going that wouldn’t meet your expectations – he would also have to be additionally insured, licensed, bonded. An endorsement to a subcontractor’s insurance policy must be purchased from the insurance agent making the general contractor an “additional insured.”  Failure to procure such endorsement constitutes a breach of the contract – no insurance.

Time. Because of time limitations, many subjects at the start of a job affecting subcontractors are not covered, such as collecting funds for “extra” work, job site document management, perfecting lien and bond claims, and prosecuting claims for delay and labor inefficiency. Your bathroom could be held up or work stopped if it’s resolved during your bathroom remodeling construction period. Also, your time is valuable. You may find yourself having to communicate the same requests with a new set of workers throughout the project.

Warranty of Work. Metropolitan Bath & Tile couldn’t have the best warranty in the bathroom remodeling business if it relied on outside workers. Metropolitan Bath & Tile takes responsibility for its quality and workmanship on installed products for up to 10 years.

As you can see, using subcontractors can get unnecessarily complicated and that’s why Metropolitan Bath & Tile doesn’t use them. All you want is a beautifully designed bathroom in your home done on time at a good price. That’s what you contracted for and that’s what you’ll get with Metropolitan Bath & Tile, serving the entire Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia area with 4 bathroom showrooms.