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    We guarantee that our prices will equal or be less than any other Qualified Contractor’s price on the same project.

    How is my bathroom priced?

    The cost of your bathroom is solely dependent upon the scope of work and the materials to be installed, not where you live or what you can afford to pay.

    At Metropolitan Bath and Tile, pricing is very systematic. All bathroom projects are simple made up of a list of tasks that all-together make up the total scope of work. Once we know what materials are being used each task on the list will be priced and all the prices come out of a pricebook. So the same task is always the same price no matter where you live or how affluent you appear to be.

    When the task list is added up, that’s what your project will cost. Our prices are not negotiable because we don’t inflate our prices so we can offer some fake discount to make you feel like you’re getting some special deal. We don’t play those sales games, we respect the intelligence of our customers.

    If the total cost is beyond your budget we can always go back to the task list and see what can be changed or eliminated to bring the cost within budget. We are very open about our pricing, there’s no secrets, and you’re always welcome to review the task list. At Metropolitan Bath and Tile we are very proud to build the highest quality bathrooms and still keep our prices below the average price for our area. That’s why we remodel more bathrooms than most of our competitors combined.

    To be a “Qualified Contractor”, the contractor does NOT have to:

    • Have beautiful showrooms for your convenience
    • Have experienced, certified professional bath designers
    • Have over 30 Years experience in the business
    • Have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
    • Have 1,000’s of references from satisfied customers
    • Use only their own employees to perform all work
    • Supply and guarantee materials
    • Offer a full 10 year warranty

    A “Qualified Contractor” MUST have:

    • A legally registered business in good standing
    • A commercial place of business
    • The proper licenses to perform bath remodeling work
    • The proper insurance in case of injury, flood, or fire
    • Proper bonding through the state or local jurisdiction
    • At least 3 references for similar type projects
    • A Better Business Bureau rating