Conserve Water in Your New Bathroom

Water conservation will become more of a focus for local residents in upcoming years. If you’d like to save water a good idea is to make sure your bathroom remodeling includes some of the new WaterSense products. The good news at Metropolitan Bath and Tile is you don’t have to sacrifice – water saving products […]

Well-Chosen Lighting Makes a Bathroom Remodeling Shine

When you are remodeling your bathroom and you are faced with the various options to choose from to achieve a great design, one thing is certain: you must have good lighting. Bathroom lighting can have quite a few different functions – to set a mood, to light a mirror, to create an artful effect. Your […]

Bathroom Style & Your Home’s Architecture

Often a house’s architectural style plays a major role in determining the style of its bathrooms. Even the location of your home effects your style’s direction (urban or resort). It makes sense to incorporate those same features in your bathroom’s design. But newer homes or even houses that have seen multiple owners are less bound by […]

Decorating Trends for This Year’s Bathroom Remodel

Your new bathroom from Metropolitan Bath and Tile can have that extra something that you’ve been longing for if you consider some of the popular trends for this year that can transform your remodel from functional to fabulous.

ADA Compatible Bathroom Remodeling with MetroBath

Do you need special features for your new bathroom remodeling that will make it more accessible?

Metropolitan Bath and Tile can maximize your bathroom design with accessible features that can accommodate seniors who need a higher level of safety, a child with physical disabilities who needs wheelchair accessibility – or you just may be an astute homeowner who wants to stay independent in your home as long as possible and wants a quality bathroom that will address safety and possible mobility issues for years to come.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips For Your Newly Remodeled Bathroom

After Metropolitan Bath and Tile remodels your home’s old bathroom and it looks perfect and stunning, there will come a time after when you will actually have to clean it! To keep it looking like the day we finished here are a few bathroom cleaning tips to undo all the daily use you will be giving your gorgeous bathroom and to keep it looking like new…

Chantilly Virginia MetroBath Showroom Style

Update: The Chantilly location has moved to Annandale (September 2014). Come see our newly expanded location. The entire second floor is dedicated to Accessible Bathroom Ideas! Metropolitan Bath and Tile’s Chantilly Design Center is brimming with favorite looks for showers, vanities, tile and tubs! Just a peek around the floor is enough to get your own […]

A Bathroom for Two

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and so do people’s schedules & grooming needs. If your master bathroom or main bathroom is large enough consider Metropolitan Bath & Tile creating a design for you that’s comfortable for two people to use at once – and not have to wait for “their turn”.

Elements of Today’s Contemporary Bathroom

A bathroom whose style is deemed “Contemporary” is one that is modern and fashionable with the newest in materials – or traditional materials used in a new and surprising way. There is no set template – your imagination is your guide.

Silestone – Quite Possibly the Perfect Bathroom Surface

Imagine a bathroom surface that resists stains, scratches and heat, it is available in a tasteful selection of colors, textures and edge finishes…and, is so protected against germs, mildew, and microbes that your bathroom stays cleaner longer. We’ve just described Silestone®. It’s made of 94% natural quartz – that makes it hard but earth-friendly. It’s […]