5 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Bigger

Updating a bathroom can range from a simple aesthetic refresh to a full bathroom remodel. The bathroom is at its best when form meets function and you’re experiencing an enjoyable atmosphere. Over time, a small bathroom layout can feel cramped and lackluster. This is especially true if some elements of your space are working to […]

Summer Bathroom Decor & Trends in 2021

The changing of the seasons is a great time to tackle home projects—big and small. Whether decluttering, design refreshes, or large projects are on your list, we have the inspiration you need to get started! Bathroom trends in 2021 have highlighted the importance of form and function when creating your bathroom oasis. Because homeowners spent […]

4 Bathroom Faucet Finishes to Consider for Your Bathroom

Bathroom finishes are an important part of any bathroom design. Quick updates to bathroom fixtures and a new coat of paint can be a total transformation for a bathroom. Because they’re so impactful, as you work on your bathroom remodeling project, knowing which finish is best for bathroom faucets in your home is important. The […]

What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom?

A well-designed bathroom can be both luxurious and functional. Bathroom paint colors are an important element of your bathroom remodeling project, as they can set the mood of your in-home retreat. Whether you’re working on a complete overhaul of your space, or just looking to freshen it up, bathroom paint colors play an important role.  […]

Everything You Need to Know About Doorless Showers

Doorless showers, also known as walk-in showers, have several benefits, top among them is adding form and function to your bathroom. As you work through the bathroom remodeling process, consider the pros and cons of a doorless shower. Some homeowners see them as a luxury, while others add one to increase the accessibility of their […]

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilets: What’s the Difference?

Bathroom remodeling projects come with a flurry of decisions to be made. While a precious commodity like the commode may seem like a straightforward decision, you have an important choice to make. The difference between one-piece and two-piece toilets is something you should understand as a homeowner embarking on a bathroom remodeling project as the […]

10 Bathroom Remodel Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Bathroom remodel mistakes come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Some of the worst bathroom designs aren’t necessarily out-of-style, but they happen when form no longer meets function. A bathroom should serve very specific needs and do so with a nice aesthetic and enjoyable atmosphere.  Starting your bathroom remodel project with a clear plan and […]

What is the Average Cost to Remodel a Master Bathroom?

Turning your dream bathroom into a reality can feel like a daunting task. If you’re considering a master bath remodel, cost is top-of-mind, right up there with bathroom inspiration and material options. As you start your project, it’s imperative to work with bathroom remodeling experts that provide expertise, product knowledge, and exciting design ideas to […]

Our COVID-19 Response

To our Valued & Potential Clients: Metropolitan Bath and Tile appreciates your loyalty and business during this time.  We would like to take a moment to address our response to COVID-19. MBT showrooms remain open and we are currently operating on our regular schedule. We are following the CDC recommendations and state guidelines to ensure […]

Think You’re Cut Out For A DIY Bathroom Remodeling? Read This First.

Not everyone is prepared for the work that goes into a DIY bathroom remodeling. Not only is it potentially dangerous, but a poorly remodeled bathroom can look cheap and wear out quickly. Thoroughly planning your remodel before setting a finger to it will put you on the right track.   Before you start tearing up […]