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    ADA Compatible Bathroom Remodeling with MetroBath

    Do you need special features for your new bathroom remodeling that will make it more accessible?

    accessible bathroom

    Metropolitan Bath and Tile can maximize your bathroom design with accessible features that can accommodate seniors who need a higher level of safety, a child with physical disabilities who needs wheelchair accessibility – or you just may be an astute homeowner who wants to stay independent in your home as long as possible. We can create a quality bathroom that will address your safety and possible mobility issues for years to come. An accessible bathroom doesn’t have to look like it belongs in a hospital.

    MetroBath designers will answer your concerns by creating a unique design for you that is beautiful as well as sensible. Our helpful team will listen to your needs, analyze your space and budget and present a variety of  options for your bathroom remodeling that doesn’t look dull or utilitarian, such as:

    • Wide clearance of pathways, doorways, shower openings to accomodate wheelchairs and walkers
    • In-law suite bathrooms that keep your senior guests safer when they’re staying with you
    • Safe changes in levels  At age 60+ slip and fall accidents become the leading cause of death in the U.S.
    • Reach and height standards in accessible-living bathrooms
    • Grab bars and built-in or fold-down seating
    • Wall hung lavatories
    • Barrier-Free showers with no sill or obstruction
    • Faucets that are easy on/ easy off
    • Moveable wall tubs and drop-in baths
    • Slip resistant flooring
    • Easy maintenance surfaces
    • Low open shelving vs high, deep cabinets
    You don’t have to be injured or elderly to appreciate smart bathroom design with extra safety features. Come by our Metropolitan Bath and Tile showrooms in Maryland or Virginia and see the many choices you have in creating a stylish yet accessible bathroom space you’ll love. Visit our Annandale VA location ~ the entire second floor is dedicated to accessible bathroom ideas!